5-Ton Truck $550.00 per day + Mileage (Call for current rates)
3-Ton Truck $450.00 per day + Mileage (Call for current rates)
1-Ton Truck $350.00 per day + Mileage (Call for current rates)
60kw Generator $550.00 per day – trailer mounted (3500 lbs.)
20kw Generator $200.00 per day - trailer mounted (1750 lbs.)
Honda 6500w portable $125.00 per day - crystal controlled, ES quiet series
200w HMI Sungun $90.00 per day
400w Joker HMI par $130 per day
1200w HMI par $150.00 per day
2500w HMI par $300.00 per day
4000w HMI par $400.00 per day
6kw HMI par $550.00 per day,
12kw HMI Fresnel $550.00 per day
Kino Flo’s $65.00 per 4-bank fixture / $35.00 per 2-bank fixture
Arri Softbank IV Kit $125.00 per day
Omni Kit $75 per day / $90 per day with (3) dichroic lenses
Tota Kit $50 per day
Fisher 10 Dolly $250.00 per day, includes standard accessories.
Doorway Dolly $50.00 per day, includes (2) sideboards
Track $15.00 per 8’ section / $10.00 per 4’ section / $20.00 per curve
Skateboard Wheels $50.00 per day
Seven Jib / Easy Jib $75.00 per day (weights included)
Arriflex SRII S16mm $900.00 per day – w/12-120 zoom, speed control, 3 mags, 3 onboard Complete Package batteries, Color video tap, Sony monitor, Sachtler Video 20P fluid head /sticks, matte box/filters, follow focus.
Sony 8” Color Monitor $55.00 per day - AC/DC w/four batteries & charger included
Sachtler Video 20P Head $40.00 per day
Sachtler 100mm Tripod $35.00 per day Heavy-duty 2 stage carbon fiber w/off ground spreader
Sony PD-150 DVCAM $150.00 per day (lightweight tripod included)
Vari-Zoom Remote $20.00
PD-150 Lenses $20.00 ea (fisheye, wide-angle, 2x telephoto, diopter, 16x9 anamorphic)
Broadcast 17 Teleprompter $250.00 per day – operator not included
Azden 500 UDR wireless mics $50 per day -- includes Sony ECM-44 lavalier mic, 51BT transmitter, and 500 UDR dual antenna receiver
SGM-2X Shotgun Mic $20 per day
Gitzo Mic Boom Pole $20 per day
Prices quoted for rental only - All prices subject to change without notice.