The Broadcast 17 utilizes a 17" color SVGA LCD display for large, bright images that can be read from up to 20 feet away. The high quality LCD can also be used as an extra desktop display when youíre not using it for teleprompting. It is designed for full size BetaSP, Digital Beta, DVCAM or film cameras. Itís flexible design also allows it to be used with the popular single and 3 chip MiniDV cameras with the optional riser blocks. The mirror frame slides quickly onto the mount and the LCD display attaches to the teleprompter mount with a single thumbscrew for fast setup and breakdown. The Broadcast 17 can be ganged with other teleprompters with an optional distribution amplifier. This allows up to four separate units to be operated in tandem with one computer for multiple camera studio setups. The distribution amplifier also boosts the VGA signal so that the displays can be used up to 200 feet from the computer. LCD DISPLAY?17": 1280x1024 Maximum resolution, full color, 15 pin VGA input, AC 120/240 50/60 hz auto switchable, 35 watts, 9.1 lbs. The VGA monitors is non-reversing. The included PC software reverses the text.


The unit comes with FREE PC teleprompter software that accepts text files from any PC program such as Microsoft Word. The included teleprompter software displays smoothly scrolling text, and also allows you to: set cue points to quickly access points in your script, change font type and size, change from black-on-white to white-on-black display, and highlight specific lines, or paragraphs of text Requires Pentium 2or higher CPU with 128M ram or higher and 2Meg disk space. White on black or black on white text user selectable.?Accepts any text file (simply save Word document as a "text only" file)?User control over scrolling in forward or backward directions via keyboard or optional wired controller. User selectable font type and size. User selectable Cue points allow instant access to pre-set points in script?Highlight line or paragraph. Speech timer estimates time to complete reading. On screen display will flash to tell presenter to speed up or down. MAC USERS: Requires Presentation Prompter software